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The water well repairs and equipment experts in Lamar, CO

For all your water well repairs and equipment needs
Moore Well Service & Pump Supply should be your first choice for water well repairs, equipment repairs, sales and new installations, and any irrigation project in Lamar, CO and surrounding areas. We are able to handle both large-scale and smaller jobs, and our expert team is great at keeping clients in the loop as to what is going on with their project.
We offer comprehensive water well repair, troubleshooting, and maintenance services that are fast, efficient, and affordable.
Enjoying water after water well repairs in Lamar, CO


Moore Well Service & Pump Supply provides top of the line equipment and maintenance services. We can provide you consultation and inspections of your water well and pumping systems that can save you big money in both the immediate and the long runs. Avoid costly water well repairs down the road.
Don't take plentiful, clean, running water for granted until something goes wrong and you no longer have the supply you need. Call us today!
Water well repairs and equipment in Lamar, CO


The quality of the water that comes out of the ground in Lamar is generally outstanding, meets and exceeds all purity and safety standards. But mineral deposits that occur naturally in the water supply can eventually cause premature wear and tear on pipes and equipment. At Moore Well Service & Pump Supply, we will maintain the equipment in your system to make sure that equipment will meet or exceed the equipment's estimated useful life. Keep your water well or irrigation equipment in your home, school, farm or business running reliably for years to come! 
Water well repairs and equipment in Lamar, CO


We pride ourselves in being Lamar and Southeastern Colorado's leading water well repair and maintenance provider, but we are also are concerned with the environment and energy efficiency. That's why we offer a line of cost-effective and energy efficient submersible and solar pumps, and even windmill parts! Today's technology is so much more efficient and often environmentally friendly then the older ways of pumping water. Let us discuss with you how windmills or solar power might be able to meet the needs of your school, home or business.
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